As Murray Walker, the F1 commentator, used to say, at the beginning of every Grand Prix, “We are go, go, go.” We may not be as quick off the line as an F1 car, but AFJ is finally up and running. It has been over a year since myself and Abigail, my better half, decided to embark on this adventure and we are very excited. So why a Christian Clothing Brand?

As our about us states, we have both been broken and lived chaotic, lonely lives. We both became Christians having both been set free from the chains of addiction. Having our lives changed so dramatically gave us a feeling that God wanted us to carry his message of love to as many people as we can. And since Abigail is so talented the idea, after much praying, of a clothing company seemed to be theĀ  obvious choice. So where does AFJ come from.

AFJ, All For Jesus, relates to a passage in the Bible. Colossians 3:23 says that whatever you do, you should do it for Jesus and not for man. The inspiration came from a meeting with an ex NBA Basketball player. Bay Forrest won a College Championship and eventually signed for the Phoenix Suns. Injury ended his career early and he went into Ministry. I met him last year and heard him preach. He Gave me a lovely book and inside the front cover he wrote – To Andrew, All for Jesus. Col.3:23. So we want our clothing to carry the message of the Gospel, and we pray that one day we will be in a position whereby the business can fund a ministry so that we can reach the lost and the broken. Everything we do is all for Jesus. Why wouldn’t it be after what he has done for us?

Now I am not an angelic holier than thou Christian. I am a guy who constantly gets things wrong. 25 years of addiction will testify to that, and drivers who don’t know where their indicator is still wind me up. I hope over the coming months that this blog will be a fun look at what is going on in our lives, the challenges we face and the mistakes we make. I know that people’s ideas of Christians are negative. I hope that we may be able to challenge those views, in a really positive way.

Until next time.

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