Love is a comandment!

I love this video, someone talking about love with such an honesty. The love they received, the love they lost, the love they’ve shown. The openness with which Derek Prince speaks here really is emotive, he gets right to the point.

Suffering, I’m sure many non Christians believe that a Christian suffering is in fact an argument for atheism. Jesus didn’t promise me I would never suffer, but He did promise me that I never need to go through that alone. Like Derek Prince speaks about here my suffering has taken me to a place where my relationship with Jesus has been put in the spotlight, and it’s in those moments where I’ve realised how much He truly loves His people. There are people dying all around us, we don’t need to look to war torn countries to find the broken. Drug addicts, alcoholics, broken and lost, left on the side-lines not knowing the deep love that Jesus has for them. Where are we (as disciples) to share that with them? so, going back to it being a commandment….it may not feel comfortable for some people to approach someone who looks unwashed and rough around the edges, but Jesus would!¬†On a daily basis we have to love one another, Jesus didn’t tell us to love our neighbours if we felt like they were loveable, He didn’t tell us to help only those who we felt at ease with. When we truly understand the love that Jesus has for each and everyone of his children we see that God wants us to have the same compassion that he does, to look into the eyes of every person and see that they too are God’s child and God is longing for them to return. I imagine the grief He feels seeing his children suffer and it burns on my heart, do I want them to come to Christ as God does?? That is the question……


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