About Us

Hi, we are Andrew and Abigail, Husband and Wife who have been married for 7 years and have 3 beautiful children.

We love Jesus and AFJ was born out of a desire, placed on our hearts by God, to carry the message of the Gospel to everybody.

It is our aim for everyone to experience the love of Jesus and we pray that AFJ will, in time, be in a position to fund a ministry where we can reach the broken.

We both know all about brokenness. Abigail had her life transformed by Jesus at 21. Her life was spiralling out of control in a world of addiction. Broken and desperate she cried out for help. Her cry was heard and she has been set free.

My journey has taken a little longer. Having beaten alcoholism I slipped back into addiction. I have just completed Teen Challenge where I had a massive encounter with Jesus.

We have both been in a place of desperation and loneliness and have both been set free through the love of Jesus. It is important to us that others who are held captive through addiction and homelessness are offered the same hope that we were extended.

So that's our story and our mission, thank you for reading, we appreciate your support and prayers and hope you love our clothing range.

Have a truly blessed day! 

AFJ - UK Christian Clothing, Tshirt's & more